do you mullet tuck {what i wore}

you probably do and didn't even know it.  recently i learned the terminology for this style of tucking in your shirt.  and it makes me smile every time.  the things you learn from fashion blogs.

I look a little bit cuh-razy in this picture.  but thats what you get when your don't have time to take a lot of pictures.  you're choices are slim, and you end up with crazy faces.

when you are trying to survive kiddos with pneumonia, viral coughs, thrown backs, and the usual life.  this is what i could throw together.  and this jewelry trio makes me feel like a jeans and t-shirt become polished and edgy without the tiniest bit of effort.  no time to wash my hair but a quick jewelry addition I can do.

t-shirt - J. Crew
tank under t - H&M
jeans - Citizens for Humanity
shoes - Dolce Vita
watch - Michael Kors
earrings - Lucia K Tag (in small gold)
necklaces - Lucia K. Blake and Faye Knotted Ball

here's to march {what?}...longer days, trees budding, the first flowers blooming, and a vacation.
linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday.

happy wednesday,


  1. Love your outfit! Laid back, comfortable, and I love the pop of color from your shoes! This is the kind of outfit I want to wear everyday. It's also an outfit that makes me yearn for spring!

    1. thanks Katy, I'm right there with you tired of wearing coats all the time!

  2. I love the mullett tuck! You look so cute!

  3. I love doing the "mullet tuck" (I usually call it the half tuck though haha). I think it makes everything look just a bit more casual, and is flattering for my love handles ;)

    1. lol, agreed on the flattering part right? although if I have an undershirt on still trying to figure out the bunching of all that material. don't want to look like I'm trying to hard you know.