week 21 . winter white

I had all these grand intentions of showing you a little diy on announcing the gender of your babe, or at least how my husband and I announced it to those who don't live close to us. Maybe I still will, but for the current moment, there is no time...here's to week 21! 

I sort of love this shirt because I don't feel so large and in charge...you can hardly even tell I'm pregnant, which on some days is just what I want. The "ombre" effect in my hair is totally unintentional and needs to be dealt with asap!

shirt: olive and oak (old) 
 jeans: gap (last season) 
shoes: report (old)
earrings: lucia k.

If you love these Lucia K. specials, contact us...we have just a few pairs in stock as these turquoise gems didn't make the final cut for the spring line. We have a weakness for turquoise, especially me growing up in the southwest...it sort of makes me feel a comfort of nostalgia and home. Pretty crazy what a pair of earrings can do! I also love the red & turquoise combination ..gets me every time!

happy weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool Ali! Why not wear white year round?!

    Lindsey won't let me wear my white jeans anymore. Laughs.