was trying really hard to be good but then I spotted it from the checkout line...{what i wore}

so I have been trying to not shop lately.  and actually I was returning items, with nothing in my hands for myself, then I spotted this jean jacket strategically placed in my line of sight.  and well you can see what happened.  I justified it as a much necessary staple and have been wearing it almost everyday since.  this is the one I have been coveting, and have been borrowing and borrowing way too much from my very generous friend.

also, I've been having a really bad hair month.  I would say that my curls have their moments, but I am nervous that I am entering a new untamed phase.  it happens every so often.  {like post baby #2 when my hair thankfully stopped falling out and finally started to grow back, only in crazy ringlets around the base of my forehead that stuck straight up through the rest of my rather wavy {not curly} hair.  total muffasa stage.}  

it could also be the rainy PNW spring weather.  so I have gotten very creative with scarves and hats.  this is some knit material that caught my eye at the fabric store.  1/4yd later, and its a wrap.

and linen pants.  we shall see.  super comfortable.  but actually pulled out the iron for this moment, and yet still a bit wrinkly.  my husband is definitely the iron-er in this relationship.  serious skills.

new summer earrings coming soon to Lucia K!  what do you think??  I am very excited about the new pieces.  These are emerald green onyx beveled in gold vermeil.  again, my hope is to have the ability to wear casually to add some interest to an outfit, or sparkle it up in that little black dress at a summer soiree.

coat - H&M
white shirt - kersh, Queen Anne Dispatch
pants - Level 99, Anthropologie
shoes - Dolce Vita
necklaces - Lucia K. Blake, and Faye Knotted Ball {my current combo of choice}
earrings - Lucia K. coming soon!

linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday.

happy wednesday.



  1. Visiting from the link up. Don’t forget to link up tomorrow. Show me your favorite spring trend. HOpe you can join. I’m also doing a giveaway for a $300 gift card to gap/old navy/banana republic. Come by and enter.



  2. Looking lovely as usual! those earrings are gorgeous. I'm digging the colors.