week 28 . boston

this last week, we were in Boston. In fact, we were a block a way from where the first explosion hit. I'm still having quite a hard time wrapping my head around it all...and it makes the whole purpose of posting seem a bit trivial, when i consider the enormity of what some families are facing and the road of recovery and healing that Boston has ahead. I am beyond thankful that my husband had finished the race as fast as he did and we were clear from the blasts, but my heart aches for those that were so gravely impacted by the devastation.

i am doing my best to be thankful and full of fervor for the life we have! my husband did an amazing job and that is something to be celebrated as well.

I can't really recommend wearing this outfit, it was not that flattering for the growing belly, but that was definitely not the point for this occasion. My dear friend Renee was in town and completed our word "RUN" (my sister is the "N"). This was when we finally met up with Satch (and about 10 minutes or so before the bombing).  It is still very surreal. We all feel incapable of wrapping our mind and our words around it all.

Satch ran fast (2:56) which is 26.2 consecutive miles each mile only taking him 6 minutes and 44 seconds. I mean, I am so proud! He ran the Boston with Dana Farber Cancer Research in honor of my mom who lost her life to cancer in 2009. It was so special that he could run in memory of her and as my dad said "she would have been his biggest fan!" 

{the earrings are LKJ tags, the leggings are target, along with the sweatshirt (both on sale) and the t-shirts were from target and I decorated with sharpie the night before the race}

praying for Boston and all the lives so heavily impacted!

ali for lkj

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