matchy matchy monarch adventures {what i wore}

we were walking by this wonderful cottage house on our way to dinner.  they have the most amazing yard of tropical plants.  so as we were stopping to take some outfit shots, my oldest triumphantly found a monarch butterfly caterpillar.  we were all stoked, having seen this recently.  so we put it back so it could complete its life cycle.  then I stopped to fall in love with all their plumeria plants that are blooming.  this being a goal of mine - to get my plumeria of 6+ years to bloom!  this was actually a goal I set around the new year back in seattle, who knew it would lead me to california living.  anyways.  THEN we see a monarch caterpillar building its chrysalis.  seriously we were oodling and awing all over this yard.  then the man in the car in the driveway rolled his window, probably thinking what is this crazy woman and her children doing?  note: my husband usually stands wayside as these crazy moments unfold.   how fun is life, right?  but this man proceeds to show us his butterfly garden and milkweed and even gives us seeds!  and tells me he has 120 plumeria.  oh my so cool

oh and my outfit.  me of most complete indecision to love only one thing, seriously how many times to I just LOVE whatever it is I am wearing.  {wait to you see my new zara purchases!}  anyways.  I by far love this turquoisey color the best.  and so I matched my earrings and I feel just so coordinated.  is that cool again?  anymore?  black, white, and turquoise all over. 

and some fun bracelets including my monograms and some pieces that just haven't made their way to my website yet because life and moving and all these other things have made Lucia K. take a back of the bus even farther like in a trailer hitched to the back of the bus backseat.  only momentarily!  I'm currently delirious.  good night.  

tank - Splendid.  Anthro.  Old
jeans - Joe's Visionaire Skinny.  Hautelook
shoes - EllaMoss
earrings and bracelets - Lucia K. Jewelry monogram

 day 1

 day 2

day 8 (see the wings forming! and the row of sparkle?  gorgeous.)

this little adventure in life - all from an outfit.

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happy wednesday.  bring on August baby!


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