things I can't seem to find.

here I am knee deep in unpacking boxes.  unpacking is not part of my skill set.  I fall into the I {and by I, I mean my mother in law} just spent all this time packing these boxes why would I want to unpack them and really if I don't know EXACTLY what I want to do with them I would rather not open them at all so it takes months.  but then you really need to find this one certain item and you start opening boxes and things start exploding.

things I can't seem to find.

all my long necklaces {I specifically set aside my favorites for good keeping.  really?}  so this outfit is missing necklaces.  it just would complete the accessorizing.

and also, my razor.  so I may have to break down and go to the drugstore.  this one is very time sensitive.

the dust pan.  so I just sweep dirt into piles around the house like land mines.

my couch.  oh no wait - I need to buy one!  any suggestions??

luckily I did have my trusty tag earrings always at reach.

and a note to accessorizing {which obviously is close to my heart.} - this black dress is so comfy {which is high on my list} but missing something.  then I saw this gal in church rocking one similar with a belt, and hello this is what Jenn.the.stylist. always recommends.  a belt.  so simple.  how could i have forgotten.  the brand is Bobi.  the best most flattering t-shirt I own, well i have 5 of them.  super soft ridiculous jersey. super flattering easy to wear cut.  this dress is on my current wish list.  

shoes.  belts.  jewelry.  do it.  then you can have a basic black dress and take it into so many directions.  

dress - bobi, Queen Anne Dispatch. {they always have items I can find no where else!  I'm trying to convince them to start online shopping but until then if you live in seattle do it!} 
shoes - Joyfolie {on sale!  and their girls clothes are the cutest I have ever seen.  if only.  they have great sales too, sign up to follow them and be in the know.}
belt - Forest and Culver, Queen Anne Dispatch.
watch - Michael Kors
earrings - Lucia K. Tag

happy monday.


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