distressed denim {a DIY}

there really isn't much to share in the DIY part of distressing denim.  just a quickie to maybe help you take that plunge to join the distressed trend without having to spend a fortune.

{seriously I love and by love I mean love the distressed denim trend, always have.  but over 200$ a pop.  goodness.  something about the handmade technique they say.  do you remember when denim over 100$ felt crazy.  I remember buying my first pair of sevens for 125$ about a decade ago, it was shocking.  back to the DIY.}

I started with these jeans - bought for 10$ at HM with the vision to destroy them.  just in case it didn't work out I would only be out 10$ and my pride.

tools needed:
1. jeans -  i think a thicker denim works best, 100% cotton preferably.
2. chalk
3. small piece of cardboard
4. box knife {or razor or scissors, I just happen to have a quite a few box knives that I am quite skilled with}
5. cardboard fingernail file {or sand paper}
6. washing machine.

step 1 - while wearing your jeans, mark with chalk where you want to distress.  I think this gives you the most realistic look, and a great guideline.  this also works well when making cutoffs, I also cut them into bermuda length.  also, don't forget the backside, especially the pockets.

step 2 - put the cardboard in your pant leg underneath where you are going to distress.

step 3 - start scoring with your box knife, I think quick horizontal motions are the best, and most stress relieving.  depending on your distress {and stress} level, you will want some to break through and some just to scratch.

step 4 - use the file to sand the areas you just scored, or other areas you where you want to lighten the denim.

step 5 - repeat until complete.

step 6 - wash.

step 7 - done.  or if you want more distress do it again, you can always increase the distressed-ness so start out on the lesser end maybe.  I might add a bit more to these, or just let natural wear and tear take over at this point.

shirt - free people. wedges - tory burch.  earrings - Lucia K. 

here's a tutorial & video from the experts.

happy thursday.


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