expectations, homemade puree, and halloween {around my home}

at first I felt completely bummed when the boys asked if they could decorate for Halloween please, please, puhleeeeeeeease.  I had planned to be settled in - unpacked, organized and styled before the holidays began, a perfect canvas to then decorate for the holidays.

but how silly.  really.

despite my disappointment in the current state of my home, I begrudgingly got the halloween tub out.  and watching my boys delight and wonder as we unearthed our halloween treasures and memories, my mood completely elevated.

 how about a little trick to hide 3m hooks - cover with washi tape.

someday I will give this wonderful hutch the attention its due, until then it sits empty, patiently waiting.

my mantle makes me smile.

 then a little pumpkinpalooza.  I finally made homemade pumpkin puree.  how in the world have I not done this till now.  look at the color, and the flavor!  I am a pumpkin fanatic.  I don't think I can ever go back.  it made my favorite pumpkin bread recipe unbeatable.

its this one.  so I just shred the apple unpeeled to make it easier.  also have subbed coconut oil and whole wheat flour.  still a knockout.

a wonderful former neighbor of mine left me a hand written card during the complete chaos of last Christmas..."enjoy! this is the last time you will have a 3 and 4.5yr old at Christmas."  boy those words stuck with me.  this is the last time I will have my littles loves at this age for halloween.  very well the last time their halloween costumes don't include super heros or blood.  this is our first halloween in california, when we may not need winter coats and rainboots.  what do I want this season to really be...

happy monday and to letting go of expectations to enjoy life's moments.



  1. but those little goblin boys in the door windows!! they are amazing : ) and the mantle photo is so great and the rats are so awesome : )