regular or unleaded rockstar {what i wore}

well i suppose they don't even have regular anymore.  but lets talk about the gas stations along the Pacific Coast Highway.  this is the parking lot of one of them.

angie is taking pictures standing next to the gas pump.  a red ferrari drives past to the next pump.  we joke that my lipstick matches the mans car maybe we should ask to borrow it for our pictures.  and the evening rolls on.  lets just stop at this gas station in my reversible wax pants and faux fur vest, snap some pictures, and then off on a date with my husband.  very date worthy outfit don't you think?  I fluctuated between feeling like a rockstar and feeling a little bit crazy.  which I guess most rockstars are a little insane.

did you catch that?  my jeans are reversible, and you wash them in the freezer.  its the truth.  talk about getting double bang for your buck.  its a dark wax jean and presto zamo its a faded gray-black jean.  they also do other colors and designs.  its kind of genius.

faux fur vest - Michael Kors {old, but this one is awesome, if only two faux fur vests were appropriate...}
tank - Anthropologie {old}
jeans - Bleulab, Queen Anne Dispatch {rumor has it they will be avail. at Nordstrom starting Nov 8th}
shoes - Dolce Vita, Nordstrom
bracelets - Lucia K. Jewelry Nora, in black and ombre
nail polish - London Butter Marrow

here's to crazy rockstar moments, maybe just not all in gas station parking lots.

linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday.

happy wednesday.


photos by Angie.


  1. Hi there, popped by from Pleated Poppy as you were my neighbour! Really great photos, well done hubby! Mine gets slightly fed up taking snaps. I absolutely love this look - posted a fur gilet on mine too, and those jeans are amazing, will look them up now!

  2. Very cute! I absolutely love that outfit! Love the background, too...