flower pot face lift. {around my home}

meet my blue flower pot.

I inherited this pot from the previous occupants of my house.  it doesn't match the vision I have for this space.  and to get the orchid that calls this pot home out, I would most certainly have to break it.  and to buy a pot that big in the style that suites me, and the orchid, would be expensive.  yet I can't seem to just give the thing away.  it has potential.  this is how I am.  {God bless my husband.}  so I was racking my brain at how I could give this pot a facelift.

enter two inexpensive {9.60$ each} woven doormats.

I came up with the idea to wrap the mats around the pot.  they just happened to fit perfectly.  first try.  when does that ever happen!

I used a very light weight wire because it was what I had around and it was easy to poke through the holes as I laced up the two ends together.

then I wrapped the attached mats around the pot and laced the other ends together, making a nice cozy woven basket wrap for my good old blue pot.

you can still see a bit of the blue at the top.  I haven't decided if I will add some succulents or rocks to hide it.  for now I am happy with the quick and inexpensive update to my new orchid.  this also got me thinking how easy it would be to get an inexpensive indoor rug {like this or this} and update indoor pots as well, rugs have now been added to my list of crafting materials.

and so ever-so-slowly our "outdoor living room" is coming together.

next up, patiently waiting for the plants to fill out.  and sewing my own couch cushions!  oh my goodness thats a project.  then stringing some lights, adding a coffee table of some sort.  a cement planter on top with succulents....

hope you all had a fun weekend.

back to monday.


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