my questsssssesss.s..s....s {what i wore}

I have many quests in my life.

the endless pursuit of the perfect chocolate chip cookie.  these (try them stuffed with nutella oh my goodness) and the Macrina Bakery Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookies are top of the charts, perfect balance of crunchy and chewy with loads of chocolate.  I walked across that Seattle hill in the cold dark January pushing my 1yr old to get one of those, and to put myself into labor.  it worked.  his brother was born the next day!   these are the next challengers - you can't beat fair-trade and organic.

the quest to find the fluffiest most amazing pancake.  currently these.  it was such a treat when we got to have breakfast for dinner as a kid, before you could choose your own dinner, right? especially pancakes.  and when bisquick was queen.  something about a giant fluffy pancake, golden brown, smothered in butter and maple syrup, such fondness for my soul.  current household debate is mrs butterworths vs. real maple syrup.  back then, we would always get to have pancakes at my grandmas house "in the mountains".  it was literally in the mountains, smack between East Glacier and West Glacier MT.  her homemade syrup in those moments (because there was no quick trips to the grocery store) will always remain tops.

or the search for the best mascara, longest, thickest, without clumps, current winner.

the best hair gel, its this one, and has been for almost a decade.  great control without crust.  great price.  

finally, for the sake of this post.  lets not underestimate or forget, the perfect pair of {insert} jeans.  there is nothing like the perfect pair of jeans.  when they flatter your waist, thighs, butt, make your legs look long, are comfortable (although if they meet all other categories, this is not a requirement.)  they make you feel fabulous and they don't break the bank.  this is a tall order.  and let me tell you, {although I am sure you all know this now from 10 years of What Not to Wear.  I just watched the series finale, I cried.  and am a little concerned that they will no longer be helping fashion victims. it really is my favorite show, the only thing I have dvr'd every single season.  lots of memories wrapped up in those episodes.  gosh I am feeling nostalgic, and unfocused tonight.}  what was I gonna tell you?  oh yes, that you have to try on a lot, a lot a lot!

for the last few months it has been the pursuit of the perfect pair of distressed jeans.  

oh, also the perfect t.  right now I am landing on Bobi.  have it in multiple sizes and colors.  that would be my go-to when I am stumped on what to wear uniform.  a great pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.  add accessories and great shoes.  done.

disclaimer:  I can call all of the above quests, because there has been serious study and dedication, numerous test runs and trials.  and of course I have more noble causes, but those are for a different post, this one is already long enough.  just being honest.

now I'm onto searching out motos...perhaps these, these, or these.

t-shirt - Bobi, {mine is from Queen Anne Dispatch}
jeans - 7fam, {mine are from Hautelook, similar}
boots - Anthropologie
scarf - made by me
necklace - new Lucia K. Jewelry {find it at Dispatch this friday}
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry, also at Dispatch.
bracelets - Lucia K. Jewelry Monogram

if you live in the Seattle area, one of my favorite boutiques {speaking of quests}, Queen Anne Dispatch, is having their friends and family event this friday Nov 8th.  it is so much fun and such great shopping.  you can also find many of the Lucia K. Jewelry pieces that aren't available anywhere else.

linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday.
happy wednesday.



  1. I love how cool you make a t-shirt and jeans look. Have a beautiful week!

  2. Love love love. New follower. Found you through the WIWW :)