10 ways, well not quite yet...

I love shoes, what I love more is an awesome shoe on sale.  I've been known to do some pretty crazy things for a shoe sale.  crawling on my hands and knees while pregnant to get to the 70% off Marc Jacob shoes, waiting in line before the sun rise for a Dolce Vita sample sale.  anyways...

my favorite booties are currently 50% off right now.  so what did I do, of course I invested in the black pair as well.  you know its serious when your husband even suggests that you buy a back up pair.    

Jenn is the one who found these booties originally, she's so good.  so lets just revisit them shall we?

I think booties are hard to pull off because of where they hit on the ankle.  what I really like about these is the lower cut and the way they hug your foot, it makes them super flattering.  I also really like the metal toe detail and the heel height.  

a friend of mine joked that I need to style them 10 ways on the blog.  for sure I have worn these numerous times, I just haven't documented 10 yet.  here are a few... 

so there you have it.

Happy Friday.


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