would you believe me {what i wore}

if I told you that I would have preferred NOT to shave my legs for a january wedding.

and that I would have preferred to put on tights and a fur collar.

really, I would.

but alas, I am sorry most of the country, it is warm and glowy here in socal {and it was perrrrrfect for this outdoor wedding}.  I can't change the weather folks.  I am so jealous of the snow and cozy weather so many of you are having.  there is something so nostalgic to me about breathing in air that is so cold your boogers freeze.


can we talk about this dress.

is it awesome dark navy lace - yes.

was it a bit of a splurge - yes.

have I worn it many times to many different events, more than I had ever thought when purchasing, getting lots of mileage - yes.

is this my best pairing yet, with nude booties - I think so. {I've done black pumps, suede boots, blue pumps, blue tights, black tights, no tights, brown sandals.}  

this dress without tights and with kids is risky, even putting your hand on your hip is risky, it is short.  it makes me feel a little rebellious.  

but aren't they the cutest dates.  there are moments when you get to put them in outfits, granted not ruffles and tutus and bows and glitter.  but thank you from mothers of all boys for darling mustache ties and mini rainbow sandals, checkered vans and bow ties, and colored skinny jeans.  oh heaven.

this wedding was outstanding.  Angie and her groom were magical.  hopefully there will be more pictures to come.

dress - French Connection, Queen Anne Dispatch {new version in dark green and on sale, get out please, and I love the "runway" option on the ASOS website for their product pages.}
booties - Anthropologie {here in black}

Happy January, may your skies be clear and bright no matter the forecast!


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