shake it up {what i wore}

we had an earthquake one evening last week.  it sort of just jangled everything a little bit in the house, but long enough for N and I to run into the boys room.  Such a deep down instinct once you are a parent, to run to them first.  Forget the glassy baby candle that I have on the mantle, although part of me reeeeeeally wants to see what happens when it falls onto the granite hearth, is it as unbreakable as they claim?  would they replace if said earthquake destroyed.  Or one of my hutches.  {is that the correct plural term here?}  That evening I did take my wedding crystal out of the hutch and sat it on the floor in the safest corner I could come up with back in my bedroom.  Seriously thinking the odds for those glasses are better in a hutch with an earthquake than on the floor with my two boys.  

Anyways the earthquake, where we live, was harmless, but enough of a jolt that whenever there is a gust of wind at night I catch my breath thinking it is another.  I'd prefer the ground not to shake underneath me.  Supposedly these shakes and rattles are routine around here.

And then there's my outfit.  Its sort of a bunch of routine basics put together.  Great cargo jacket for spring {come back friday for 4 more ways we are wearing it}, always a white t-shirt, but instead of just leggings, add some beloved pleather.   shake it up a bit.  

Its ok in fashion, not in the earth, just to clarify.  

These are as versatile as a regular legging, t-shirt and flip-flops approved, I am completely wearing them to disneyland next week.  But they also have the ability to get dressy.  I have a certain best-friend in mind that I may add as a life goal to get her to wear a pair.  Hey, I got her to get bangs, they were smashing.  Us girls with curls, total bang envy.  Anyways its late, if you can't tell.  I'm serious about pleather.  

t-shirt - Bobi, Queen Anne Dispatch {also here}
jacket - H&M
leggings - Mango
shoes - Faryl Robin, Free People
bracelets - Lucia K. Monogram
earrings - Lucia K. Blake

other pleather options...

#1 - tuxedo stripe.  #2 - great sale price.  #3 - 20% off with code "fandf".   #4 - full effect.  #5 - great cropped length.

pleather - would you do it?  are you already??
linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore weds.

happy wednesday.  Not even acknowledging the fact that it it April.  Not yet.


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