you never know what props you will find down the block.

"Gonna find me a mercury and cruise it up and down the road.  crazy 'bout a mercury."

Isn't this car so cool.  I love the attention to detail old classics have.  Look at the taillights and the awesome emblem.  I bet this car has some really great stories to tell.  Growing up in my small Montana town, the slightly larger town next to us, had a main street that ran pretty much the length of the town right smack through the middle.  In high school, the cool thing to do on the weekends, was to cruise this strip, there was even a roundabout at one end to turn around and head back the other direction, of course none of us were driving classic cars.  this was social media before social media, long before cell phones.  I sound really old don't I?

nude pumps, nude heels

leopard blouse

I've also taken a liking to distressing my own jeans.  and I fear no pair is safe.  it is very therapeutic.  I want to shred every knee, it is definitely addicting.  I really love the distressed look and just hate the idea of paying so crazy much for them.  so why not just destroy what I already have in my closet.  this was a plain old pair of dark denim that had been sitting at the bottom of my jean pile for a long time.  with a few precise holes and tears, their status has been elevated.  

curly hair

brown leather jacket

pleather jacket

 jacket - Queen Anne Dispatch
shirt - H&M
jeans - j brand {self-distressed, DIY here}
shoes - Charles by Charles David, Nordstrom
clutch - HOBO int.

May your weekend include cruising, with the windows down, maybe a great burger joint and milkshake...something happy and nostalgic.


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