when i first visited this canyon

The first time I visited this canyon it was July.  Everything was brown and crunchy and prickly.  It was hot and super dusty.  My oldest and I had flip flops on and did not enjoy the stings are feet were receiving from little stickers or the dirt between my toes.  So we sat on the back of our car feeling quite sorry for ourselves.

Currently this canyon is magical.  There is silvery green plants everywhere, beautiful grasses that catch the setting sun and sparkle.  Orange California poppies and yellow wild flowers are scattered everywhere.  And even the cactus are green and sort of lush.

I am shocked at what these plants can do with such little rainfall, even if only temporary.  It is gorgeous in its own California kind of way.  I am happy to experience its beauty - dare I admit my slight change of heart.

I'm not sure why I look so somber in all of these photographs, that was not my intention.  I like how this scarf adds color and interest to my white and navy outfit, and also gives a sort of kimono feel.  Love those kimonos.  The skirt if from Brandy Melville, a new, and favorite, discovery of mine. 

Curious what other people have found beauty in lately?  Too deep of a question for friday??

TGIF, thank you for reading...


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