keeping track and trying not to melt {what i wore}

As I write this post its past 8pm and still 88 degrees out, today was a hot hot day.  Besides a few hiccups like getting out of my car to pump gas in my bathing suit, oh dear.  this wouldn't be a big deal if I wasn't 30+ miles from water.  true story.  or impulse buying a Zoku popsicle maker {but I'm stoked to try it out tomorrow!}, we managed to beat the heat.  This is a capital "V" Victory because typically as the heat rises my mood plunges.  Right now the most beautiful treasured moment that I will keep forever is taking place...sitting on our back patio couch, outside, underneath the stars and the full moon {ironically there are soooo many stars in the California sky}, with my two little boys, well passed there bedtime.  My oldest has picked out the books he can "read" aloud himself and my youngest is making up words to his book, while I work on my computer, under our string of glowing lights, with the scent of jasmine flowers wafting our way, you can even hear the waves crashing in the distance during moments of quiet .  This evening is magical.  Thank you California.  Thank you Lord.

"most of the things that we need to be most fully alive don't come from our busyness, they grow in rest."  Mark Buchanan.

dress - Press Dress, Queen Anne Dispatch
boots - Frye {on sale here!}
belt - vintage
earrings and bracelets - Lucia K. Jewelry

ps - this is where I am recording these simple moments, although for me its a 8-10 year journal.  no pressure, it looks great on my nightstand.

photos by Angie, isn't she awesome!

happy wednesday.


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