that one time I ate warm olives and drank french 75s {what i wore}

I am completely head over heels for a french 75 cocktail.  This may be the 3rdish time I have mentioned them on the blog.  Its just perfectness...completely bubbly, slightly tart, slightly sweet, with some depth from the gin.  And then we put a cherry on top.  Well it actually slid to the bottom.  But just like lips, it was the perfect pop of red.

so next time you have an occasion, and by occasion I mean sharing with at least 1+ companion, because it is just not a good idea to polish off a bottle of bubbles by yourself with added shots of gin.  nope.  Do this!

This hairdo was the wash+lotsofgel+go look.  When its crazy hot and the thought of a diffuser is unbearable.  It was slightly a disaster, I just owned it and went anyway.

Oh and also get some really good olives and heat them up.  Really really good.

Do you remember that time I said I wasn't going to get a black romper.  I'm so weak.  I am not sure why I have such a thing for rompers, they are a complete pain in the arse when you have to pee, and this happens a lot, this one has an open back, sorry no photos today, and this is how you get it off.  Not great for the hairdo.  Anyways, it's awesome regardless. 

romper - Lole, Queen Anne Dispatch
shoes - Faryl Robin, Free People {old}
necklace - a new one I created, with vintage and recycled beads, you like?


other awesome romps....

happy wednesday.


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