4 way Friday: Accessory inVESTment

Clearly a title this clever did not come from my brain.  Yay for Jenn, who has taken over this installment of 4-Way, which you can also find on her fabulous blog.

Two girls.  One Vest.  4 Ways.

So here's Jenn...
Have you ever heard of "4-Way Friday"? In addition to designing beautiful jewelry (which you often see me wearing), my good friend and fellow fashionista, Kirsty, writes a style blog. When we can coordinate, I have contributed to several posts in which we style the same piece, 4 ways. Both born shoppers, Kirsty and I have many of the same items (we often shop together and also trade pictures and links for inspiration). However, I would describe our personal styles as being very different. I love her "boho-chic" looks but can rarely pull them off with the finesse she does. Therefore, it's always fun to see how the two of us will wear the same piece in different ways.  On her most recent visit to Seattle, Kirsty and I snagged a faux leather moto vest at a Dolce Vita sample sale. Imagine a large room in a 100-year-old building downtown filled with clothes, shoes and frantic bargain shoppers. The communal dressing room was so packed with women, we were scoring (and vying for) others rejects. A nightmare to some...a dream come true to shoppers like Kirsty and myself. Below you will find us sporting our moto vest in 4 different looks. This vest is an excellent example of an accessory that can elevate the most basic of outfits. If you read my blog with regularity, you may notice my love for layering and accessorizing. Adding special pieces is an inexpensive and unique way to restyle to your wardrobe. Although wardrobe staples may take the lion's share of your shopping budget, don't overlook the importance of sparing some extra dollars for those unexpected items that will make your look your own.

Outfit #1: Classically Chic Moto
4wf vest 4
Vest (worn throughout): DV by Dolce Vita (similar)

Kirsty contrasts the moto's edginess with classic extras like the nude pumps, simple aviators and strands of silver and pearl beads. Then she adds a punch of color with the green earrings and clutch. An otherwise basic jeans and tee ensemble is taken to an entirely new level with the addition of accessories - worthy of a night out!

4wf vest 11

4wf vest 3
T-shirt: Mango | Jeans: Bluelab (similar) | Shoes: Charles by Charles David, Nordstrom | Earrings: Lucia K. | Necklace: Lucia K. | Clutch: Hobo, Queen Anne Dispatch (different but amazing.)

Outfit #2: Sporty Moto
Jeans: J Brand | Tee: J.Crew

By adding style with the leather moto vest and pops of color with my sneakers and necklace, I create an outfit from an otherwise monochromatic (and boring) ensemble. Strip away all of the accessories, and I am simply wearing a pair of white jeans and a tee. I particularly like how the red sneakers add an unexpected sportiness to the outfit.

Necklace: Anthropologie | Sunglasses: H&M (similar)

Sneakers: Nike, Nordstrom

Bag: Forever 21 (similar)

Outfit #3: Boho Moto
4wf vest 1

Again, basic shorts and a tank paired with the leather vest and a scarf tied as a head band creates a totally unique look. I really love how the stripe in the scarf is echoed in the fun chevron print sandal; unifying the accessories and pulling the outfit together.

4wf vest 10
Shoes: Ella Moss (on sale!)

4wf vest 12
Scarf: Threads 4 Thought | Shorts: Levis Vintage (similar) | Tank: Splendid (similar) | Earrings: Lucia K. 

Outfit #4: Dressy Moto
Dress: Monrow | Bracelets (worn throughout by both): Queen Anne Dispatch, Giles & Brother and Madewell

Wearing heels with this dress definitely makes the dress date-night material. However; by adding the vest and a strappy flat sandal, the dress becomes less va-va-voom and more cool. Top off the look with a scarf and a leopard clutch to add some color and pattern to an otherwise grey ensemble.

Clutch: Clare V | Shoes: Dolce Vita (sample sale find)

Earrings: Lucia K

Scarf: H&M (on sale!)

Leave a comment with your must-have accessory and let us know what you think about "4-Way Friday." We're always looking for interesting ideas for our next posts.
Thanks for reading! ~ Jenn & Kirsty

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