its a dress, its a shirt, I'll take it. {what i wore}

This tunic is a great piece for my wardrobe, in the summer {or at Thanksgiving in the case of Socal} I wore it as a comfy dress with flats, in the "winter" its a great piece under jackets and sweaters, or with tights or leggings.  So many options.  

I look like my mom in this picture.  As I get older, this happens more often, it is in the depths of my too tired but smiling eyes.  These brief unexpected gifts, where I can feel what it is like to be a mom as she was.  It takes my breath away, simultaneously squeezing and warming my heart and makes me do a double take.  Miss her and love her so much, especially during the holidays.  Thanks for letting me share this one.

tunic - Free People, Nordstrom
jacket - Free People
jeans - BleuLab, Queen Anne Dispatch.  {old but reversible}
boots - Rag & Bone, Nordstrom

Wishing you versatile pieces in your wardrobe, and unforgettable moments from those you love, lost or living, this Christmas Eve.

photos by Angie.


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  1. Pretty outfit and nice curls!