The Grandparents Gift. A DIY

grandparent gifts

We are in the thick of holiday prep, and I really wanted to share our Grandparent gifts, so here are quick photos of what we just did today.  

This is very easy, fun, a great way to capture time, and relatively inexpensive.  

You will need:
1. Plain wooden spoons or some sort of wooden utensils.  I used 14".
2. Pencil
4.  Mineral Oil (or any cooking oil.)

 Step 1:  Draw a design on the wooden spoon in pencil.

Step two:  Trace over the design with a wood burning pen.  Warning - these are HOT, they make glue gun burns look good.  I also chose to do this outside, don't you love the doormat?  These are real time photos, no editing here today.  It can get a little smokey.

wood burning pen diy

Step 3:  Scrub off the pencil marks with sponge and water, let dry.

Step 4:  Rub with mineral oil, or any cooking oil.  Rub the spoons every few days, and try not to put in the dishwasher.  You can use these like any cooking spoon you may have.

Step 5:  Wrap them pretty!

wooden spoon design diy

wooden spoon diy


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