foliage and fur.

In California when it rains, it's no joke, the clouds open up and dump like I've rarely seen in the Pacific Northwest.  It goes along with my theory that everything in California is extreme.  Ironic, considering it supposedly rains ALL the time in Seattle.  People in the PNW don't even carry umbrellas, really.  

So as we are shooting these pictures and are so stoked for the gray cloudy sky, this giant rain cloud is looming in the distance.  These thoughts are running through my head...um, we are getting reeeally far from the car...  shall I save my newly washed/dried hair, or my shoes?  Can I save both?  

Of course I would definitely choose my shoes.  I've gone barefoot in some very questionable places to save my shoes.

Well we made it before the sheets of rain came pouring down.

cargo - H&M
shirt - Nordstrom {similar}
fur snood - Target
jeans - 7 for all Mankind, suuuper old
watch - Kate Spade, Nordstrom

great spring cargos, this first one with the fluttery bottom, are you kidding me!...

photos by Angie.


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