seriously it's already Father's day.

I have this friend who not only always graciously responds to my "what should I do with bokchoy?"  or  "what is your tried and true brownie recipe?" but her answers are always spot on.  

I love food, and so does she, so totally a match made right?   

Then add that she has enviable style and she cares about the food she's eating and the environment she's raising her daughter in.  Deal Sealed.

Luck would have it she recently started food blogging, this soup and these granola bars (well I did add chocolate chips) are both household hits.

Now lets add in my aspirations to create gift guides and my usual short falls.  Wow, the benefit of teamwork.

So all that jumble (and a couple gin and soda's in to start my mini staycation) to say that theeeese are Jimin's picks for Fathers Day.  In my opinion one of the hardest humans to buy for but the most important person to me and the most influential person in my boys' life.  Just sayin, I have some work to do.  Here we go...  

1. Old fashioned cocktail kit from Food52
2. Leather care kit from Otter Wax
3. "Biggie Snails" shower speaker
4. Beard oil from Bklyn Dry Goods
5. Wireless Ortho Remote from Moma Store
6. Whiskey Wedge from Sur la Table
7. Army Green Duffel from Owen & Fred
8. Sweatshirts from Modern Anthology
9. Military blanket from Old Faithful Shop
10. Waterbury Timex
11. Languiole Pentaque Set (similar to bocce)
12. Front loading toolbox from Best Made Co.

See what I mean.  And this is her fave brownie recipe.

I'm just gonna go ahead and take the liberty to call her my official "food contributor and gift guide extraordinaire."



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