A Wedding Reverie.

Lets just start this week off right.

I finally got my hands on her photos, and while Angie is away in Thailand, this seems like the right time to share some of her amazing wedding.

Angie and her husband are the type of people that just make you feel like part of the family, they are generous and welcoming, and the couple you always want to have at your dinner table.  Their wedding was more like a town celebration, that was wonderfully beautifully thoughtfully put together.

I love how much of their own artistic touch was put into this wedding, and on a budget (and in a very short amount of time.)  They gathered much of their community to help create the vision, including an afternoon of making cement planters for the succulent centerpieces.  

Um and the bride, stunning.

It was such a gift to be a part of this wedding and watch the reverie unfold.

Hope this leaves you with inspiration for your week, to delight in the simple beauty of it all.  Listen to your creativity, let it inspire you.


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