Well it all started with a white ruffled dress, and then I went on and on...

I always give my husband crap that he can remember the most random sports facts in history, yet couldn't tell you my coffee drink to save his life.  But if I'm to look in the mirror I can recall fashion moments like nobody's business.

I mean I can't be the only one...  in fact, recently on insta, Lovinstyling remarked on a shirt and the time years prior she remembered me wearing it, and I reiterated with what she also had been wearing at this event.  And to think at the time we hardly knew eachother, clearly destined for life long fashion friendship.

I'm getting off track.

enter this ruffle dress.

It was part of an epic stop at the outlets, that involved a breast pump and a major sale.  We had left our two babies with their loving Yiaya and Papu so we could celebrate our 7th anniversary...alone!  On the drive we stopped at the J.Crew outlet and things just fell into place.  I lobbied for, and won, a flannel shirt, white tee w/ sequin pocket, black down long puffer jacket and this dress.  And seriously all of these are still being worn, that never happens.

This dress was worn for my first Lucia K. Jewelry trunk show, I was so nervous, with a pair of boots and olive tights {I so wanted to appear hip even though I had gotten about 5 hrs sleep the night before} and those dang tights would not stay put, ugh, the worst.  Look at how dark, and straight - seriously pregnancy hormones calmed the curls - my hair was!

And then a second trunk show with brown booties and brown tights, to elongate the legs of course.

At the baby shower for my best friend to celebrate her first born, a determined and darling daughter who is going to change the world just like her momma, with stone gray knee high boots and cranberry colored tights.

Then at a wonderful wine tasting event with a favorite work colleague wearing my treasured brown Frye cowboy boots.  They served this fabulous steak with black sea salt sprinkled on top, it changed my red meat consumption, and some wine.

So really the point {and I suppose if you were to ever think of doing that darn capsule wardrobe} is that a great classic piece of clothing will last through the years - you only need to adjust the accessories.

To my surprise, this dress has been reinvented yet again with the addition of complimenting blush shoes,  the texture of the basketweave on the shoe and the ruffle texture of the dress just belong, like peanut butter and jelly, but really the whip cream on top {have you ever put whip cream on your pbj toast, it's serious.} is the sweetest tiniest almost animal printesque polka-dot detail on the shoe paired against the leopard print belt.  The oppose and they attract.  I am really into this entire mix.

dress - J. Crew outlet, old
shoes - FarylRobin, c/o {find here}
belt - Target, old

And because every website I went to hunting for classic white dresses was talking the current white trend front and center, and I got lost in the white of it all. So here are my choices, and wants...

Photos by Angie.  linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore weds.


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