Back to School, not quite, but Taco 'Bout Awesome.

kid style, nordstrom anniversary sale

back to school fashion, nordstrom anniversary sale

Well, before I turn into a big pile of mush and tears as that first day of school encroaches, I can concentrate on back to school shopping for a moment.  

Growing up this was one of my very favorite times of year.  I would have these visions of recreating myself for the school year after a summer of playing, planning my entire look for that first day of school.   My mom would give me a budget and I would squeak every last cent, clearing out the front and center space in my closet for "school clothes."  

One of my very calculated outfits was a white button up with a sailor lace collar, and black trouser jeans.  

Oh I wore that one with pride.

Style philosophy for my boys:  they spend the majority of their time in tees, and jeans/shorts/sweats.  I keep a couple key button downs, or collared shirts on hand for those moments when a bit more is required, I usually keep an eye out and score these on the sale racks at the Gap or J.Crew Factory.  Boys clothes are pretty simple.  So I concentrate on great jeans/pants and shoes, and fun t-shirts.  Don't mistake simple for careless, I am pretty picky.  I care about the fit and how they wear and the style for sure.  Except for about 5 days a year, I let my kids pick out their own clothes {from a swimming pool in the laundry room, this is another post entirely.}  So if I give them good options, then they will end up putting fun outfits together.  

BUT I also don't want to spend a fortune on these items because my kids play HARD.  and I really dislike myself when I have to worry about them not ruining clothes.  

For exxxxample:  I put a new pair of shoes on my boys and take a mental picture of their wonderful "newness" and send them off, accepting that is the only time they will be new.  After that they are worn and loved.  Seriously one wear.  Usually that day there is mud involved, or dragging their feet along on a bike.  It's uncanny.  Letting.  IT ... Go.

Enter the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  This is where I great jeans, shoes, t-shirts {this one is my freakin fave.} for my kiddos.  On sale. 

boys clothing, nordstrom anniversary sale

boys jeans, nordstrom anniversary sale

boys tshirts, nordstrom anniversary sale

nordstrom anniversary sale shoes

how to style little boys for back to school, nordstrom anniversary sale

kids converse, nordstrom anniversary sale
t-shirt - Jem, Nordstrom
jeans - Hudson, Nordstrom
shoes - Converse, Nordstrom {different colors avail.}

kids vans, nordstrom anniversary sale
sweater - TopShop, Nordstorm
top - old {similar sale style}
jeans - Current/Elliott, Nordstrom
boots - Sam Edelman, Nordstrom {similar sale style}
hat - old {similar sale style}

little boy style, nordstrom anniversary sale
t-shirt - Mighty Find, Nordstrom
pants - Tucker + Tate, Nordstrom
shoes - Vans, Nordstrom

little boys long hair styles, surfer hair, family, mom of boys, style

More of my back to school favorites...


more boys

more boys

even more boys.

and boys shoes.

Don't forget the girls

such cute girl stuff

more girls

even more girls

girl shoes

Now back to summer.

photos by Angie.


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