Active Wear: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Ending your Monday with Activewear picks from Jenn...

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale activewear selection is off the charts this year! In particular, I am impressed by Zella's selection, with many fun prints and lovely colors to choose from. Below you will find my favorite workout wear gear:

Bottoms: Too many good ones to choose from! I'm loving the prints this year, but each of these pants (with the exception of the Onzie pair, come in solid colors as well). In my opinion, activewear should be fun and motivate you to hit the gym (studio, pavement...whatever your preference). My only advice for any bold statement, is to wear it with confidence.

Tops: Zella's selection is just too good to be true. In fact, I try to find variety in my selections but I just couldn't pass on these (literally - I came home with all of them!) I plan to wear the bomber with jeans and a tee...way too cute for only the gym.

If you are not a Nordstrom cardholder, not to worry...the sale finally opens to the public this Friday, July 17th. Though sales people often say that they don't replenish merchandise, it has been my experience that there is more stock on hand when the sale starts for everyone.

Hope you are enjoying my sale finds. Have a question or suggestion? Please leave a comment.
Thanks for reading! ~Jenn

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