whole lotta culotte'ah

Culottes.  Like the sound of the ice cream truck, this word evokes wonderful childhood memories.    

Culottes make me happy.

And they are for everyone.  Seriously.  

Don't be intimidated.  Keep the shirt fitted, and a wedge or stacked heel to elongate the leg.  It's awesome and you will wow.  Get braver and add an awesome denim jacket or fitted sweater and some heeled booties.

How I do not own a bright floral print culotte and matching top right now is beyond me.

I was actually thinking of hemming these ones shorter, what do you think?

and then put a hat on it.

vest - Treasure and Bond, Nordstrom
culottes - oldies.
lips - MAC Red, Nordstrom

This boy.  He steals my heart every day.  annnnd makes me crazy.  My sidekick.

Need more Culotte Convincing - read this, and this.

and look at these...

photos by Angie.


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