A Tunic Tank Dress in the "Winter"

how to wear a summer dress in winter

gap flare jeans

This is what winter in California means to me, putting jeans on under your favorite tank dress.

Of course the jury is still out if this is a tunic.

Thanks Free People for leaving that interpretation up to us.  Though it does make this tank much more versatile.

And sometimes, my bun just works!  It's rare.  I can't figure out if it's the shape of my head or the incessant curly frizzzzz that almost always borders my hairline.  Anyone have bun tricks, I'd love to hear it.

But I forgot to put earrings in.  So you win some and lose some.

Tis the season to mention that almost all of this outfit is on major sale.  If you are looking for a great black perfectly distressed flare for like 40$.  Raddest clogs, yep rad.  Don't judge the wanna-be-in-me.  I even just feel for these.

flare jeans and clogs
tank tunic - Free People.  sale in black, white, pink, orange, mango.  16 other colors here 
vest - Treasure & Bond, Nordstrom.  similar
jeans - Gap.  40% off with code GIFTS
shoes - Dolce Vita. a few on sale here, code BONUS25.  Also here.
necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry

Tonight as I sit drinking tea, bundled up in a blanket, my nose is still cold - I find it hard to believe that last year we had Christmas in California.  And that is was warm, and I was reeealllly missing the cold, and the rain and my Seattle people.  I mean honestly.

Sometimes memories seem like dreams.

This post seems appropriate today.  This tunic was a gift from a closest friend from Cali, and the picture taken by another, on a street that we used to live on.  Working on appreciating all that I have been given, the wonderful memories I have, instead of missing what is not.  Perspective right?

My husband says I'm complicated.  Why are we so?  And by we, I'm just adding all of you to my camp.  Thanks for that.

Photos by Angie.



  1. I love that you love clogs! Thanks for giving us a peek at faves from your collection from time to time. I'd love to give your blog a mention on my blog, Every Clog Has Its Day, with your permission. You'd be the second clog loving jewelry maker we've featured.

    I apologize for asking via the Comments. I couldn't figure out how best to contact you otherwise.


  2. Lindsey, thanks! I am having a major love affair with clogs this season. I'd be honored to be featured!

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