DIY Holiday Gift.

These jeans.  I can't quite get them out of my head - they'd be so fun everywhere, but are completely impractical and not at all in my budget.

And then there's how much I love gold spray paint.  Currently, I think I have 5 different cans.

I did think about spray painting some white jeans, haven't quite decided against that.


diy hostess gift

Enter Amaryllis.  

It all started years ago when I bought an unassuming bud last minute in the grocery floral section for for my mother-in-law, and for weeks we watched in awe as it unfolded blooms the size of my head.  Never to be replicated again.

Honestly though, these holiday flowering plants are the perfect gift to make someone's day.  Add in a simple yet elegant pot that is super easy.  Total Win.

Just remind them that when the two stems are done blooming, yep you almost always get two - dig a shallow hole in the garden and toss it in.  Someday there's a 75% chance it will surprise you and bloom again.  Or throw it away.  

This is a no guilt zone.

And then use the pot the rest of the year for a cacti.

gold dipped pot DIY

how to paint a pot

You can find a great DIY here.  My only modifications
  1. Amaryllis not Cacti.
  2. I started with a white pot - I asked my grocery floral dept, they had them stacked in the back closet from old orchids.  Also Ikea or floral supply dept.
  3. Electricians Tape - I like using electricians tape because it flexes and bends, allowing for a better    line on an angled pot.  Also a garbage bag to wrap the side you don't want to paint, but tin foil is brilliant.  Remove the tape shortly after painting, just in case there is any paint bleeding, you can easily scrape off before it is completely set.
Happy Gifting.

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