Holiday Traditions: Snowman Elf & Christmas Jammies

When my son was 2, the Elf on the Shelf showed up at our door.  My son looked at him and definitively said his name is "Snowman Elf"  followed by "he needs a belt."  So we took a piece of ribbon, he colored it, tied it around the Elf's waist, and Snowman has been properly dressed every since.

elf on the shelf ideas
{Snowman fishing.}

Apart from evoking squeals from my boys as they race every morning to find him first, we have a very mellow Elf, But before our Elf on the Shelf leaves on Christmas Eve, he delivers a gift with a note, saying goodbye until next year.

There is always some sort of matching or coordinating pajamas involved.  And something to add to our family time together.  It's the present we get to open Christmas Eve.

coordinating christmas pajamas

....A Popcorn bowl and matching set to make my mom's marshmallow popcorn.

popcorn bowls

The Christmas Classics to snuggle up on the couch together.

Christmas Travel Mugs to drink hot cocoa with marshmallows,

and my hunch this year is that this beautiful book with be arriving {word on the street there are still a few copies available at our local bookstore for any last minute Elves.}

Just to help out their efforts, I put together some themes for this year.   With the help of all the Delivery Elves out there, the beauty {and danger} is that all of this wonder is but a click away....you've been warned...

Classic.  Mad For Plaid.

California Dreamin' of Snow

May the Force, and Frozen, Be With You. {Because Family is All About Compromise.}

Happy Birthday Jesus

Tis the Season

Reindeer Games


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