Shoe Power: 4 shoes I want this January.

Couple things today.

I am a shoe girl.  100%

I am still rocking the same handbag I got for my birthday two years ago.  But shoes.  Honestly.  Really.  A shoe makes or brakes an outfit.  A shoe transforms an outfit.  

It makes it an exclamation point.  A question mark...an elipses...{Oh I'm that good.}  or a .period.dont.mess.with.me.

As I am trying to be productive cleaning up broken links on my blog, I keep wandering back to these 4 pairs of shoes, and it came to me:

1.  Take this outfit...

2.  Sub these shoes,
1.  Winter Chic - it's too cold to show ankle skin, I'm tired of wearing socks and shoes all the time - too much flip-flop wearing in my past.   Plus there is furrrrrrrrrr, and a wedge.  I can't let flats get the best of me.  So apres ski for those of us who never hit the slopes anymore.  Just sayin.
2.  I can't even believe I am putting this in writing, I love these, never thought Vans would be on my mind for myself.  Something about them.  Rad.  Am I right?  So perfect for heading to the park or playground or running errands.  All the glamorous parts of every day life.

3.  This is how I want to walk my kids to school.  These have totally caught my eye, what a great shoe for the days its wet but not pouring, giving my rainboots a break.  Functional but in a ironic hip sort of way.  And a great price point.
4.  The clog obsession continues, and holy moly.  I have this thing for socks and shoes, I know confusing if you read 1. above.  I'm complicated.  Here I LOVE them.  Could you imagine with these socks on another occasion??  But with this outfit you are ready to head out the door for an evening date night.

Do you see what I mean?

Ah!  The danger of writing this post is that now I have talked myself into all of these shoes.  And well, that whole budget part.

Which is your favorite?  Please share!!


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  1. Number 1 outfit is my favorite. I'm not a shoe person but I see the bling it adds to basics. That could be a great new years resolution..when in doubt bling it out;).
    Love the kicks too. I'd rock those to the park with ease.

  2. I've been wanting high top Vans lately, but I just bought five pairs of shoes at this huge New Years sale��What are the brands of the army green ones and the clogs?

    1. sorels and free people. I am dying over the clogs. and jealous of your shoe sale!!

  3. I love fashion. I think it's so important, because it's how you show yourself to the world.