Zoe Box of Style: a little treat for yourself just in time for spring.

What is it about grab bags?  Anyone else with me??  I am not a gambler, but something about the chance of getting something amazing for a deal really pulls at me.


Case in Point:  If you follow me on instagram, the faux fur coat I am often wearing was the result of a grab box, and I am loving every minute of it.  Yet I walked past so many faux fur coats previously.

Go figure.

Now, lets discuss the Zoe Box of Style

These were the boxes for last fall and winter.  I have missed out on the last few times, trying to be frugal and dragging me feet.  I was so bummed when I finally went to sign up for the winter box, and it was sold out.


rachel zoe box of style

How it works:  First, the "hero" item is revealed.  This item is guaranteed to be more than the price you pay for the entire box, 100$.  So you already feel like you are getting a deal.  She's good.

For spring, it is this rad mini bucket bag.  The rest of the items are extra icing on the cake, revealed once the boxes ship.  Usually with a theme, this spring is festival style, and curated by Zoe and her team.

You can sign up to pay quarterly for 1 box, or an entire year for all 4 boxes.

This box will ship Mar 1st.  Just about the time we are all jonesing for some summer fun, festivals, farmers markets, pedicured toes with cute sandals.  And who doesn't love a box of goodies in the mail.  Right?

You can sign up here.  It sells out quickly.


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