4 Ways to Nail being a Super Savvy Shopper.

A profession stylist and expert shopper, here is Jenn sharing her savvy shopping tips:


Apparently "Frugal February" is a thing...(seems a bit rough following a "Dry January"). However,
like most of us, I'm trying to watch my spending after the holiday season, not-to-mention the approach of tax time! With this frugal spirit in mind, I thought that I would share a few of my sale-watching tips and tricks:
  1. Create a 'wish list'. I use the notes function on my phone a lot. This helps me keep in mind the things that I reeeaaallly want, and I use this as a reminder when I come across a $10 sweater and a $30 skirt. Even though inexpensive (and likely fabulous), I remind myself that they are NOT on the list.
  2. Use the wish list function on your favorite sites. For example, I'm keeping my eye on the Hudson Jeans (pictured below). I first saw them at Nordstrom. In an effort to be a savvy shopper and not pay full-price, I remind myself that this is the very beginning of the spring season and that these jeans will likely be marked down.
  3. Price adjust. ALWAYS. Should you buy your jeans full-price and then no sooner find them on sale, many retailers will honor a price adjustment within a certain amount of time following your purchase. Also, many retailers will also price match, should you find the item on your wish list for less at another store. Always ask...worst case is that you will be denied.
  4. Take advantage of shopping apps. I use both Shopstyle and Lyst to create wish lists of items that I am lusting after. Both of these apps have a feature to notify me when items are marked down in my size. I can then either pop into the store or purchase directly thru the app.
My current wish list includes the following:
You may be sensing a theme here...obviously I'm still loving all things '70's style for spring. What's on your wish list? Have some saving tips to share? Please leave a message.
Thanks for reading! ~Jenn
anine-bing-outfit-army-jacket2The jacket is awesome, right?! Photo credit: Anine's World

Thank you for reading,


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