Jonesing for a Spring Wardrobe, how to rework in the now for Frugal February.

Quite a blog title I know.

Here's the thing, I am at a crossroads of cozy sweaters and sandals, soft flannel and light florals.  Isn't that just February, not quite spring but trying to shake the bad rap of winter weather.  Sooo last season.

I love this romper, its a summer staple.  {UGH.  in fact I just realized I never posted the outfit pictures of this romper from this summer.  So me.  I am including one below to feel better.}  I wanted to rework it to be appropriate now, ushering in happy florals in the warmth of wonderful turtlenecks.  

It's a perfect union. 

 And since it's frugal February, the challenge is using pieces I already owned.  Nothing new here folks, looking at my current wardrobe in new ways.  Enter the denim vest.  Who knew this piece would be tops for me.  Such a great purchase.  Why can't i get this right all the time?  I'm a work in progress.  

And the whole socks with shoes thing, but not like normal socks and shoes, no thanks.  Cute ruffly socks with dressy shoes.  Not quite ready for that, consider tights and boots, and a cropped wool blazer or jean jacket for added warmth, instead of the vest.  

My Frugal February Rework...

Summer, I am more tan and my hair is more dark, ironically.  Guess I'm a winter blonde.

vest - Treasure and Bond, Nordstrom.  similar
turtleneck - Queen Anne Dispatch
Romper - Old
socks - Uniqlo
shoes - Faryl Robin c/o.  coming soon to Anthro, really any day now.
bag - Finn Leather Goods
watch - Nordstrom

Please note:  this is California style February, definitely not showing this much bare leg in the Pacific Northwest yet, thick tights would be happening.  But my point is still made I hope.

Do you feel me??  Today, look at the "summer" pieces in your wardrobe and try introducing them to your winter items.  Could make for an interesting February and a few smiles.

photos by Angie.


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