One day we were walking

And it was lightly raining.  My husband and I had spontaneously headed downtown for a lunch date while the boys were in school.  I was at least a day overdue on hair-washing, but I was not going to miss this opportunity.  Thank goodness for hats

Even though it is less than 10 mins away, we rarely go south of Pikes Market into Pioneer Square, yet when we do, we are pleasantly reminded of why we love Seattle.  It's soul.  The history.  The grit of the city.  The reason why we chose to move back and invest in this community.

I like to imagine what was happening at the turn of the century, all the footsteps these streets have felt.

Then we walked pass this alley, and the way the light rain was filtering the bright gray day through this narrow space {it is amazing how bright gray can be who knew?} flanked by massive brick buildings, monuments of the past on each side.  It was so cool.  The brick was so bright but the alley was dark.

It was simply an alley but so much more in that moment.  Light finding it's way into the darkness like it always does if you just let your eyes see it.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the little hangups of everyday,  I never want to miss the magic.  Those moments are often very small and easy to miss, but man do they inspire me and fill my soul.

So we grabbed the iphone for some photos.

And then we ate here, and their housemade bread.  The stuff of happy dances.

It was a great afternoon.

coat - Anthropologie.  old
turtleneck - Zara.  not old but gone.  ugh
jeans - Gap.  run small
shoes - Faryl Robin c/o.  hopefully coming soon to Anthro.
bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs.  old fave
hat - Nordstrom.

Happy Monday.


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  1. Blue jeans would look great, or khakis or cords.
    Nerdy? Maybe, nerdy-cute is in:) I find it cute. Inknow women find like, dark or blonde hair and glasses and a bit of a beard, handsome and preppy-nerdy-cute,

    So I say go for it!! If. As n my 20s I'd probs date ya!:) or someone like you anyway. Good luck!!
    red plaid shirt