Quick and Easy DIY Heart Wreath

DIY heart wreath

Somehow I talked myself into sharing another Valentine DIY that I have in my home.  It's been a while since I have been inspired by a great wreath and this one makes me smile every time I open the door.

So, here's the background...

My mother in law had brought me branches.  I was needing some love in the thick of January.  And the kicker, I was home with my sick baby who was recovering from the stomach flu, why does that always happen in the middle of the night??  Ay!  and well I was still in my jammies but itching for creativity, but since I hadn't slept much the night prior it had to be easy.  

And this one is quick and easy.  I promise.

Two keys to success - Wire, the thick stuff and the thin floral wire stuff (makes it easy!)  Nature doesn't just conform you have to make it.  
Second - you can't screw this up, it's nature, it's supposed to be unruly, maybe a glass of wine instead of coffee.  Loosen up. 

I mean what is the branch that had to point straight up.  It was endearing, when I pinned it down, it lost it's spice, so up it went. 


branches wreath

What you need:
1. Thick Wire - I just went to my hardware store and asked for a spool of wire, it sort of has an oil finish on it, it's super inexpensive, maybe it was called staking wire.  Not sure, again wasn't thinking DIY post at the time, this wire has been with me for years.

2. Floral wire.  

3. Wire Cutters.

4. Fresh branches - I used pussy willows my mother-in-law had clipped and brought for me.  She knows me so well.

5. Ribbon - sooooo I started with this silk red Midori ribbon in mind, but then the thick jute called me name, and who can go back and reshoot what is done.  Mistake noted.

6. Clippings - to add as you see fit.  The red berries are heavenly bamboo (also Nandina?) clipped right from my back yard.  And the berries have dried and not fallen off.  I wasn't sure if we'd have a red mush mess, this is often I chance I take.  

What to do:

1.  Make a heart shape with thick wire.

2.  lay branches overlapping at the bottom, secure with floral wire.  Also do this from the top (see picture below.)  Then weave the tips in and secure as needed, trim as needed.

3.  Add floral wire hook from top for hanging.

4.  Embellish with ribbon, jute, clippings, flowers, baby's breathe would be cute, or rosemary...

5.  Hang.

DIY Valentine Decore

5 steps to a heart wreath.  Thank you for reading my DIY, and not judging, again photography is tricky.


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