Prep in my Step. Styling a Striped Dress.

I have two friends in particular who inspire me to be more preppy and classic in my style - they both pull it off so effortlessly, with closets are full of stripes, and boat collars, and chic flats.  Fortunately for me, besides being dear to my soul, they are generous in lending their clothes, and we wear the same size.  

It's like the sisters I never had. 

I think there are two types of people, the clothes lenders and the non-lenders.  I fall in the lending category, in fact I sort of love lending my clothes, perhaps it's because I never had sisters.  My mom and I used to borrow each others clothes, there was this particular oversized sweatshirt with mauve and purple chevron stripes that I adored...I often wonder which items we would share now.  

It helps me justify my purchase, and makes me happy to see others feeling great in something I've lent them.  Bonus if it's a bit outside of their comfort zone.  And when you are trying to stretch your budget, this is especially appreciated.

Dress:  Borrowed from my friend I mentioned above.  It's not something I typically wear but I want to.  Love the stripes and the silhouette.  Super flattering with the angled stripes at the upper torso and the boar neck collar.

Tights:  It's still a quite chilly in Seattle, but on this particular day the sun fully came out, and clearly a celebration was called for, so to pull of this dress I felt like I needed tights.  What I have a hard time with is darker tights under lighter dresses/skirts, but these tights in their taupey ever so green gray color and subtle pattern somehow magical work with everything I own.  Funny how that happens.  

Shoes:  Again clogs.  Broken Record yes.  Sneakers would be cute although maybe not with tights.  For sure wedge sandals in summer.  Booties could have worked but were more predictable.

Jacket:  Well you know I wanted to wear a vest.  But it was too chilly.  And I really am starting to wear a vest errrrrrrryday.  So I resisted for my tried and true work horse cargo jacket.  I think a jean jacket would have been lovely too.

Of course Key to Cargo:  Cinch and Cuff.  

dress - GAP.  old, similar use code fastbunny for 2day shipping and 40% off!
jacket - H&M.  old, similar
tights - Uniqlo.  seriously they at 3.90 right now.
sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs c/o.  old
shoes - Dolce Vita, find on Amazon.
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry
bracelet - Lucia K. Jewelry

What's your favorite preppy style?  Here are a few more classicly prep dresses that I love that could be styled so many ways...

Happy  Monday.

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  1. I love the way you styled the dress! You look beautiful, as always!!