Currently a Rhubarb favorite. Kirsty's cocktails

It's rhubarb season.  

I love rhubarb, tart and jewel red, this giant stalk grows unassumingly in many ditches throughout the northwest.

I love it pickled in a salad with creamy goat cheese.  
Macerated with sugar and zest creating a perfect spring French 75.

and I love it in my drink.

rhubarb vodka cocktail

Sort of recipe:
In a mason jar, muddle one shot of vodka (I like Dry Fly) with a wedge of lime, a couple mint leaves and a cucumber slice.

Pour in a tall glass, fill with ice.

Fill to the top with Rhubarb Dry Sparkling soda.

Garnish with lime wedge and if you want to be fancy - candied rhubarb (or a thin stalk of rhubarb dipped in sugar.)


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