Random thoughts and Rad Pink Flamingo Tanks

The other night I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 9am.  12 hours of sleep.  I felt like a new woman.  I had amazing patience with my boys.  So apparently I need more sleep in my life.

Also, we have been reading Harry Potter as a family, we started in September when we moved home, we are in the final chapters of the final book.  It is all I want to do right now.  But I have pinky sworn to not ready ahead any more.  It is our dinner conversation.  We have the spells memorized. 

What will we do when it ends.  AND how is it going to end??  Don't tell me!

This grocery store at the bottom of the hill makes "the cookie"  It's double dark chocolate and toasted walnuts, all ooey gooey and then crispy crunchy on the outside.  I think about them right about bedtime.  Oh man.

Yet I totally crave garlic balsamic roasted brussels sprouts.  Like seriously crave. 

And you know when you have been growing your hair out forever and that moment when it finally feels long.  confession:  I haven't gotten my hair cut in over a year and a half.  I was starting to think it's done growing, I've reached my max.  But now it is actually looking long.

On my outfit:
Flamingos.  I didn't realize it, but they make me so happy.  not too mention Flamingo Pink.  It's always the perfect color.  This shirt is super soft.  It's slim but not tight and cut just right on the shoulders.  It was an investment as far as tanks go, but it's gonna get tons of wear.

These jeans - they never lose their shape.  I wear them all the time.  All the time.  Because I don't really have to think, I just grab.  Perfect destruction.  Black but not overly black.  The exact right hem length for now.

Striped espadrilles with an ever so slight wedge.  And they are on sale.  Casual vacation chic at it's best, especially when paired with distressed skinnies.  Preppy rebel?    

And don't forget about Ditto - you get to rent designer sunglasses.  Free shipping, return as often as you like for another pair.  Download a moving image of your face so you can get the perfect fit.  It's so fun, and addicting.  And a great way to try out sunglasses you might not normally do.  use code "thekirstyfiles" for your first month free.  No strings.

Flamingos and blazers and striped espadrilles with the perfect distressed skinnies and softest leather tote.  I'm totally patting myself on the back over this outfit.

tank top - Chaser, Revolve.
blazer - BB Dakota, Queen Anne Dispatch.  also here.
jeans - J Brand, Shopbop
shoes - Faryl Robin c/o, also Anthro.  on sale.
sunglasses - Smoke x Mirrors, Ditto.  
use code "thekirstyfiles" for a free month of designer sunglass rental.

Good night world.

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  1. I cannot believe you haven't read the Harry Potter series before!!! Yami got me hooked years ago...LOVE!!!