Another day, Another Vest

Chances are if you've visited my blog previously, you have seen a vest on me.  I love them.  They add interest, style, warmth...Often, a vest finishes my outfit.  

Now this vest, it's white, it's linen, it's trench styling.  Checks all the right boxes.  This vest was a score my stylista (new word I'm coining) friend found on the clearance clearance rack, in my size.  It's like winning the lottery, without all the family drama.  And it's on major sale online now, so you can win too.

In this case I love the longer length of the vest with a shorter skirt underneath.  It keeps my mini age appropriate.  I've also worn it with skinny jeans and sandals.  I also think it would be so chic with black trousers.  Or even denim cutoffs.

And lets talk about my sandals.  I can't even, but I will.  I have been eying these all season.  Normally I don't like a lot of embellishment on my shoes, but these are done just right, and I dig the little bit of edge it adds.  I love the stacked heel and lace-up style, although getting them on and off takes a bit more time than velcro.  Just saying. 

And how about the point of the scissors sticking straight into my head.  There is some irony in this photo considering I haven't gotten a haircut in almost two years.  The universe it trying to tell me something.

vest - Vince Camuto, here in petite, here in regular.  (I'm wearing an xs regular)
tank - old.
skirt - old.  in fact a hand-me-down from another fab friend!
shoes - Dolce Vita c/o.  find here
bag - Hobo, Queen Anne Dispatch.  onsale here in wine.  also black and cream.
necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry
glasses - Smith, Queen Anne Dispatch.  also here

Well it's August, I know how did that happen?? hope you squeeze every last drop out of this month.


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