Summer, Summer, Summertime; Time to Sit Back and Unwind.

high waist denim skirt

curly hair

or in this case, wind - that choker around your neck.

Appropriate 90's song lyrics for one of my favorite 90's reborn trends.

Aren't you curious?  This one's easy, a gateway into chokers if you will, think of it as a super skiiiiiny scarf tied around your neck, or a bowtie.  The simple black suede with a few gold brass bead details.  I love it's understated glam.  It even works with flip flops, see it worn here with a simple tee.  If you're not quite ready, you can start with this Bolo, and just keep cinching.

Shoop a do it, already.

We are in the dog days of summer, settled into that summer pace, staying up late and not wanting to wear shoes, some quick bronzer and lip gloss, minimal jewelry.  This is my trying to dress up look, adding the choker gives my simple outfit some sass.

And this skirt, the button up all the way "A" line, high waist.  Oh it's gonna get a lot of wear this fall.

Finally a shout out for my flip flops.  For a girl who loves her shoes, these get a lot of mileage on my feet.  Rainbows, thick strap, double arch and that pop of sweet summer sea blue.  I will wear these to the ground and in 3 years replace them.  This has been the pattern for over a decade.  Of course in Seattle they last just a bit longer than endlessly sunny SoCal.

90s trend for fall

how to style a choker

rainbow sandals

a line denim skirt
tank - J.Crew.  really old
skirt - Foundation Seattle.  also avail here
sandals - Rainbow.
choker - BZRshop.
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry.

Happy End of Summer.  Tell me what is your favorite 90's song lyrics?


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