A Great Coat is the Perfect Fall Fete Accompli.

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prana oversized coat

I love the fall for all the love of jackets.  There are many times I wear my jacket all day long, because it's chilly.  And it's the look I'm going for.  This jacket is wonderfully oversized, I love the oversized cuffs and hem with the popped collar and smart stitching detail.  Slam dunk.  It's cargo meets overcoat.  And its crazy soft and warm on the inside so I won't freeze my tail off as I am always outside for part of my day.  Oh the joys of mom life.  And if I'm cold I'm grouchy.

This jacket is for sure in my fall rotation.  The fatigue - because it's green, not because I need a nap - color goes with everything, it works as a neutral or in this case the color interest for my outfit.

A great coat is the perfect fall fete accompli.

And then there's these white boots.  I can't believe how much I love them and how much a white boot is the finishing touch I'm looking for.  Perhaps it's because there is a lot of black and gray happening in the fall here, so these bright albeit neutral beauties make light of so much dark.

Plus I love the way the look amongst all the colorful leaves.  

So if you see my walking around town with my head down, don't worry I'm not sad, I'm just obsessed with my shoes.  It's really a thing for me.

dolce vita white boots

white boots
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coat - Prana c/o.  also at Queen Anne Dispatch and here.
jeans - J brand, Shopbop
boots - Dolce Vita c/o.  also here
necklace - Chapter, Queen Anne Frame.  also here.
sunglasses - Marc Jacobs c/o.  oldies.

What do you consider the finishing touch to your fall outfits?

photos by Angie.

Happy Friday.


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