A Morning with Kari Gran Skincare

kari gran skincare

natural makeover

Trying to rid our house of as much chemicals, pesticides, artificial colors, flavors and fragrances as I can - without making myself bonkers - has been a priority for me for several years, now I am turning my attention on my beauty cabinet.

This has been a slow and challenging quest.

Natural deodorant for instance, I apologize to anyone was downwind of me fall 2015-winter 2016, until I finally caved and went back to aluminum.  I have briefly jumped back on the bandwagon again, with little success.  Baby steps.

Another examples is natural makeup - There are a lot of makeups on the market that label themselves as natural and mineral-based, but it is deceiving.  On top of that, the truly natural makeup market, although it is slowly starting to grow, does not give you a lot of variety, so my attempts at a chemical free face have been falling short.

Then I was introduced to Kari Gran by my stylist friend Jenn.  I had the opportunity to spend the morning in Kari's new loft space learning about her products and getting pampered.  Even compared to all my favorite conventional makeup, this one is tops.  Let me tell you why...

First, I love the story.  Spend anytime with Kari and you will like her.  Her skin is gorgeous, it glows from within.  And her intention to her brand, from mixing the product with her own hands to her determination to find recyclable yet stylish packaging.  Did you know normally you can not recycle black glass, but Kari's you can, that was a deal-breaker for her.  She recently decided to develop her own sunscreen because she just wasn't satisfied with what was currently on the market.

Second - The Mineral Foundation.  I have been wearing this every since that morning, well when I manage to put on makeup.  I seriously can't say enough compliments.  I mix the smallest amount with one pump of sunscreen and it covers my entire face, and the coverage lasts.  So it's coverage and protection in one step.  I can also adjust the coverage depending on what I need, a tiny bit more when I want more coverage or just a half scoop for more of a sheer bb cream look.  And because you use such a tiny amount, this product with last forever, which I also totally appreciate.

Sidenote:  Spending the morning with Kari and Jenn, who both have great skin and are religious about their sunscreen, I am now a convinced applier.  I know hello I'm seriously late to the party.  Sun damage (and not just when it's sunny) is the number one ager, and well my late 30s have not been easy on my skin.  It's never to late to help the face out.

Third - The Lip Whip.  Ok the shimmer lip has actually gotten me to reach for this sheer slightly shimmery color over my favorite reds.  That is saying something.  It's also refreshingly pepperminty.  And the shimmer is easy to mix with any color in my repertoire for a more natural look.  I have been counting down until Kari's new color launched.  Suji Red - done lightly it mimics more of a lip stain, or build it up for more drama, and it's packaged with a pampering lip scrub, a mini spa treatment just for your lips and the perfect way to prep your pout for bold color.  Attention: girlfriend holiday gift.

holiday gift idea

suji red lip whip

A big thank you to Kari Gran, I had so much fun learning about their products in her fabulous new space (which will soon be open to the public!)  I'm a big fan.  You can find all the products on their website.

Happy Saturday,


  1. Nice to hear of a good natural skin line. Thanks Kirsty! Also check out bubble and bee for a deodorant with organic and extremely clean ingredients, plus it works! I've been using it for years. They even has a deodorant promise that you will not smell or your money back! :)

    1. Shae, Thank you! I will check them out, I really want a natural deodorant, but honestly it has not been good for me or those near me! The foundation lasts forever, I have been using my sample for over a month. Kari is having a black friday sale, I will be posting about it on friday.

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