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It seems only fitting to be posting pictures taken in our shop because I am madly trying to get my shop ready for the holidays.  And I know myself, if I don't have a deadline, it just doesn't happen.  So I have set out to celebrate our shop on small business Saturday November 26th (shout out), and now every waking moment, well besides being a mom who's children are on break, a jewelry designer who decided to post a new necklace, and a blogger with black friday approaching, is spent merchandising and decorating.

I just have too many projects I want to do.

And on Monday 27th I'm going to take a nap.  and then decorate my house for Christmas.

But honestly I am reminded daily that life is a work in progress, and I cherish the perfectly imperfect.   Embracing the half-finished state that is most of my life, to realize that the journey is just as important as the result - that is my daily challenge.  It is absolutely what I want but so darn hard.  I hope I can look back one day and remember what I did, not what I didn't.

So the kicker thing about retail, is that just when I get it right to how I want it, the hope (and struggle) is that someone will buy it.  Woohoo.  But then I am back to square one.   Get it?  So it's a constant process.

About my outfit.  This is what I wore to my boys' elementary school jogathon.  Mom on the go chic?  Let's make sure it's understood I ran maybe the equivalent of one lap.  Still loving my Brooks Heritage sneakers, any time I need comfort and style this is my first choice.   Add a vest and distressed denim.  Done.

fashion sneakers
vest - Merrell, find here on sale.

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I am so grateful for my full life.  And for sleep.

Wednesday 11/23 - Check back to see my Christmas card choices, I need your help voting.

Friday 11/25 - You will find all my favorite black Friday sales on the blog.

and Saturday 11/26 - if you live near Seattle, come celebrate with us in the shop.

photos by Angie.


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