Oversized Sweaters, Change, and my Sunflower Socks.

This week I have been reaching for all my comforts.  

When life is more than I can handle, one of the places I turn to is my most oversized clothes.  You will find me reaching into the back of my armoire for my favorite XL t-shirts.  And my sunflower socks.  They were the last gift my mom gave me.  I've been surprised at how deeply I am longing for my mom to tell me it's all going to be ok.  

Just to be a kid in my sunflower socks, not in charge of being in charge.  

And more than ever, I find myself knowing deep down, that even if she were here, she couldn't make it better.  And I'm not a kid.  And if change is to be, I need to start with me, and I want to be a part of our country's transformation.  

A wise woman wrote in the wake of this weeks events, we {must} soak in love to such a degree that anyone who bumps up against us gets covered in it.  Isn't that the best visual?  And then I am making my mom proud.

But for now, you'll find me in my oversized clothes and sunflower socks.  I'll get there.  

On my outfit:  Oversized sweaters are a fixture in my fall wardrobe.  Free people is a great place to find the biggest of them all.  This one is from last year, and for sure after a few wears I am feeling a bit like a gorilla as the sleeves start to stretch and hang lower.  It's a good reminder that it's time to wash it.

Oversized sweaters are great with skinny jeans or leggings, fitted flares - something to balance out the fullness.  I have been wearing this sweater with my flare jeans and even culottes, today I paired my sweater with a more fitted a-line skirt.  I wanted to show off the skirt's high-waist, so I tucked my sweater just a tiny bit.  I think it works.

sweater - Free People.  old, I'm in love with this one
skirt - Foundation Seattle.  also here
boots - Rag & Bone, Nordstrom.  The gray suede are 40% off right now
rings - Rocksbox.  use code thekirstyfilesxoxo for a free month!

What are your comforts?  How to you share your light?  I'd love to hear your inspirations.  Thank you for being a part of my blogging community and for following my blog.  

photos by Angie.



  1. Comforts? Love this blog Kirsty. When I visited NC just recently I longed for the days of father daughter shopping and anything goes. So I thought to go to the mall and shop like I was with my dad. I found a j.crew brown corduroy blazer. I felt that was what I would want my dad to buy. I went to the register and for no reason I received a 40% discount. I take that as confirmation my dad approved the purchase. I was so greatful. So in comfort relating to my dad I treat myself. The last few items my dad bought me was a dress and 2 rompers.

  2. Thank makes me so happy! Thank you for sharing your heart. XOXO