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Merry Christmas.

We took family photos back in November and I couldn't be more happy with them, except for maybe my crazy hair.  But in all honesty it's fitting so I'm embracing it.  I guess the frizz is just part of my life right.

When we take family photos there are a few key factors to success, not to say we always succeed, but these help the odds.

1.  Put the kids in clothes they already own.  Stiff, new clothes never go well with my kiddos, if I can actually get them in it, they will act fidgety and uncomfortable.  And the what to wear can be challenging for sure.  There aren't too many rules I follow, only to wear colors that flatter and shapes that I will be happy with.  I love those that do matchy matchy photos and those that go completely free spirited.  I think we often fall in the middle.  A good friend suggested we get fancy and man when I can get my act together that's happening.  Maybe next year.  Wouldn't that be fun!

A sign of a great photo session is grass stains, dirt stains, soaked pant legs, so I don't want to worry about ruining clothes.

2.  Take them somewhere fun that the boys can run and explore.  This is a balance between what's fun and what footwear I can wear.  But man my boys have a lot of energy and actually I want to capture them being them.  But I also want to wear great shoes.  Truth be told.  Last year we did photos at the beach, which I adore, and was so significant to a time in our life, but this year I wanted shoes.

3.  Your photographer.  Sure, it's not always feasible to hire a professional photographer every year but I would urge you to invest in family photos as often as it makes sense for your family.  These are photos I will treasure for a lifetime.  And display them.  And make sure you like your photographer.  It's so much fun for us because we are hanging out with close friends who happen to take amazing pictures.

family photo

my outfit
jeans - J brand, Nordstrom
shoes - Dolce Vita

Nick's pants - Brixton
Nick's and Boy's sandals - Rainbows

(Riese's outfit is from Zara, I love them for boys clothing.  and Peyton's is from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

photos by Angie


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  1. The boys on rocks with sticks is my favorite of the two of them. Reminds me of riddle field! Love all 4 of you! The white shirt brings some femininity to the blues. Great job guys!! ☆! Xoxo