A Reminder To Breathe.

DIY essential oil spray

Sounds sort of silly, but I often need to remind myself to breathe.  To stop and take a real deep breathe, a few actually.  It's amazing how much better I function, or ahem react, with that extra oxygen boost in my body.

It's now January, which means so many things.  The holidays are over which is a bit anticlimactic.  It's a new year full of new dreams and big potential which can be at times quite overwhelming.  Taxes.  Even more reasons to breathe.

Take a moment, stop, and breathe.  Repeat.

This is how I make breathe spray, I'm not even calling this a DIY, it's too simple.

1. 2 oz. Glass bottle - plastic is no good.
2. Distilled or filtered water
3. Several drops of essential oils.  (I prefer Doterra)
4. Add a cute chalkboard label or washi tape, it's the little details folks.

Finally, spray a few spritzes into the air, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Favorite Combos
Relax - Lavendar
Sleepy - Lavendar and ClarySage
Love - Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon
Mood Booster - Wild Orange, or any smell that makes you happy.

I currently have one my kitchen counter and in my purse.

Photo by Jessica.  Happiest January.


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