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fitcode jeans guide

layered bracelets
rings - Fresh Tangerine.  Guitar String Bracelets - Queen Anne Dispatch.  Polish - Julep.

naturally curly hair

frame denim

Recently I had the chance to take the Fitcode quiz.  Of course, I was game, I mean jeans.  but I wasn't sure what to expect.  I mean, I think I know how to shop for my denim.

What is it?  Fitcode is a new way to shop for jeans - you take their fit quiz, a few questions to help determine your body type and how jeans fit, then they direct to jean styles/brands that work for your body.

So ok, but honestly I was impressed.  First of all, after the quiz, they directed me towards a list of jeans, many which I already knew where my perfect jean, so clearly they knew their stuff, but also jeans I hadn't seen before.  And I actually found a pair of jeans that completely flatter my body type.

Plus they have fit models that show you what the jeans would look like on your specific body type.

I love this concept.  I have always said you need to try on A LOT of jeans to find your perfect pair, but with Fitcode, this is not necessarily the case anymore.  Perhaps you can try on less and land on the pair that makes you and your butt happy.  Or at least that's my problem child.

And a note on my coat.  This cocoon coat is such a perfect mix of relaxed comfort and refined style.  Buki is a Seattle company that is revolutionizing the way we wear fashion.  This fabric is totally washable (hello, me), anti-pill (who doesn't love that) and anti-stetch (doesn't lose it's shape) - yet totally luxe.  I love the two-tone gray super soft fabric.  This jacket is gonna be killer in the spring and summer too.  Check out more here.

layering a cardigan over a sweater
sweater - oldie.
jacket - Buki c/o.  find here.
jeans - Frame c/o of Fitcode.  also here
shoes - Dolce Vita c/o.  also here 40% off!
necklace - Queen Anne Frame
sunglasses - Smith, Queen Anne Dispatch.  also here

photos by Angie.


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