My Top 4 bras. Support The Girls, Ladies.

Here's where I land with my bras.  I don't have a lot to support but what I have needs supporting.  If you are more blessed in the upper regions these bras probably aren't for you.

I also don't like to spend a lot on undergarments, I want to spend my money on outergarments.

However, even if I don't want to spend a lot of money, if I want the outer to look good gotta get the under right.  And I want to be comfortable...nothing makes my grouchy quicker than an uncomfortable undergarment.  Ugh.

I tend to wear a lot of thin tops like the tank shown above, or off the shoulder, or with loose fitting arms, so covering the dreaded side-boob and appropriate areas with a fun bra is key to wearing these type of pieces while still being daytime appropriate.

Nighttime appropriate, that's another post.

Anyone else feel like bras are tricky?

Below are my go-to bras.  I wait until they are having a sale, like right now, to stock up.
my favorite underwire
Underwire Bra.  It comes in fun colors, and the lace is a great balance of support and comfort without over squishing the back if you know what I mean, minimal lines.  I think the Gap has done a great job with this bra, it's a staple for me and I own it in multiple colors.  Right now I am so into the blue, I love the bright colors.  40% off with code "overtime" thru Monday.

best bralette for under a tshirt
Modal Bralette.  This could be considered pj's.  It's extremely soft and comfortable and is perfect under tanks and tees when you want a smooth finish.  It is also great when you are wearing something more sheer and need a bit more coverage.  40% off with code "overtime" thru Monday.

lace free people bralette
Lace Bralette.  This is what I wear if I want a bit of drama.  Just a touch of lace peeking out.  Perfect under sweaters or any shirt with a low/open back.  A bit more support than the modal above but still all day comfort.  (The lace pattern tends to show through in tees)  Free People makes a lot of fun bras, I have found in my experience that you need to try them on because they all fit different and the sizing isn't consistent.  But it's worth the effort if you want something interesting under your tops.

Lace Bralette - I love this bralette as well.  It works great for when you want a little lace to show at the shoulder.  Think wide neck tops and slouchy shoulders.  Sizing runs a bit smaller - I think AE is junior sizing but I'll take it.  All bralettes are $15 through Monday.  Woohoo!  I always ask for these in my stocking.

I'd love to hear your favorite bras.  Even though these are my current winners, there is always room for improvement.

Here's to feeling loved and supported.


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